In 2013, founder Jiří Jaroš,  on an exchange stay in Montreal (Canada), for the first time he had the opportunity to work on the interior design of the restaurant with his friends work on the bar, wood and epoxide. In 2013, a completely new connection, when in his thoughts for the first time the desire to find a combination of an original piece of wood with something progressively new… ”shining furniture”.

In 2014, Jiří Jaroš filed an application with the Industrial Property Office and on May 29, 2015 he obtained a certificate of registration of the trademark under number: 346240 for “JASTART Furniture Design” and on March 16, 2015 under number: 353701 for “stool”

On March 16, 2015 the company JAST ART s.r.o was founded, Jiří Jaroš completes his studies at the Czech Technical University – Faculty of Civil Engineering in February 2018.

At the turn of the years 2018/2019 his brother Martin Jaroš joins the project, the atelier was completed, the production processes were finalized, the first completed prototypes were presented and together with partner MgA. Veronika Slámová were looking for a synthesis of production and art with important artists, combining fine art, design and architecture.


The original idea of ​​“shining furniture”, that connection of wood and light is the basic “permeating line” and the main element of the product portfolio.

STOOLEKfirst prototypes were created in 2014 and are an extraordinary design accessory both day and night, making our family and friends happy. Many experts in business impress with their imagination, design and originality.

In 2019, the first series of product design, known as “stool”, is being developed and being worked on a geometric and functional connection of one piece of wood together with a carver MgA. Jiří Němec. We let all his seeming imperfections stand out, we honor the natural phenomena of wood. It is the natural appearance of wood and light that is what makes our products quite original.

The stool collection is followed by a custom production of “lighting tables” under the designation Coffe Table Live Edge and Coffe Table Bench and dining tables Dining Table EOS and Dining Table Edge, all complemented by sculpture and carving.


Our basic idea and vision was that in the dark environment our products provide their users with a second face, symbolizing the analogy of darkness and light. Darkness reflects light and light depicts darkness, then the product manifests itself as the yin-yang of the opposite and complementary forces found in every living and inanimate part of the universe.


Partial attempt to synthesize seemingly incompatible materials, formal production processes not only following the conventional line of production of standard functional furniture, but also fulfilling the utility and aesthetic function. By including free art we can characterize the uniqueness, the taste of our own owner.

NEAR FUTURE: At the beginning of the year 2020, artists are joining production, combining themes of design, architecture, conceptual art, re-think, re-cycle, environmental thinking in original product design.


In our product portfolio you can find dining and conference massive tables, ingenious sandwich tables, small tables, multifunctional tables, bedside tables, lamps and other products where we use oak, beech, ash, alder, hornbeam to create a product that, thanks to its “light / dark” aura, is able to subtly draw attention to itself throughout the space.

The reason is the input wood with natural organic substances without limitation, number or scope within LED technology, with manual “HAND MADE” production for the perfect final product meeting the high requirements of demanding customers.

All our products are produced in a small village of Luka pod Medníkem with a production process divided into several phases, our products are handmade with care and attention, with a delivery time of 4 – 12 weeks, with direct shipping to our customers in the Czech Republic and obviously especially in Europe and the world.

 Connection to the Forest UP project.


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