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STOOLEK – first prototypes were created in 2013 and are an extraordinary design accessory both day and night, making our family and friends happy. Many experts in business impress with their imagination, design and originality.

In 2019, the first series of product design is being developed and being worked on a geometric and functional connection of one piece together with MgA. Jiří Němec. We let all his seeming imperfections stand out, we honour the natural phenomena of wood. It is the natural appearance of wood and light that is what makes our products quite original.

– Designed by Jiří Jaroš –


Handcrafted unique small table in solid wood from a single block. The products are made from waste wood with „wood defects“. Knotholes, cracks and colour variations are part of a tree’s character-filled with high-quality clear resin with backlight LED bulb to achieve the modern design. We guarantee a long-lasting, firm and sturdy piece of exclusive furniture.​​​​​​​


Quality in the details. The reason is the input wood with natural organic substances without limitation, number or scope within LED technology, with manual “HAND MADE” production for the perfect final product meeting the high requirements of demanding customers.

Detail to practicality. brushed surface, each natural defect conserved and filled with resin, together form a simply maintained surface while preservation a unique design.

Detail of corner

Stolek Special

Example of patina on request

Back side

Brushed Oak


Connection design and functional in one piece. Not just a table, invisible Wireless Charger lets your charge easier. With long-range wireless technology, you can power up your smartphone and other wireless devices on the fly, without being slowed down by clumsy cables and charging pads.
Very practical for a bedside table or living room. A wireless charger is on request.


From the comfort of your favourite chair, you can turn this smart table on and off, reduce and increase the light intensity, or simply enjoy a range of lighting colours. All with one finger on the smartphone screen. You can connect individual tables into light groups, in which you can also change colour at the same moment. Long life and energy efficiency of the latest LED technology.


Content of delivered table is a LED bulb. Replacing a bulb after its life is very simple. Unscrew the four screws, open the aluminium composite and replace the bulb. If you want a different kind of bulb (wifi), the bulb must contain own cooling. Same procedure when replacing an electric cable (different cable colour, length).


The reclaimed wood (waste wood) used is solid, beautiful and unique, sourced from local sources in the Czech Republic. No trees are harmed in the manufacturing of our „stoolek“ product, which in turn, helps to protect our natural resources, reduce waste (through reuse and building quality products that last) and promote sustainability.

The high proportion of handmade stool shows a good quality of handwork with wood in every way. The experience with the first produced “stool” 7 years ago shows a long-lasting, high-quality product that will serve you for many years.



Solid wood from a single block, hard wood – oak, or ash, hornbeam, elm, maple


Available in a number of bespoke finishes. We recommend brushed surface with nature oil with wax.


  • LED light – Wirelessly control on/off, brightness, colour via smartphone 

LED power – 5W, Bluetooth Version – 4.0, Wireless control range: 15 m, LED Colour: RGB and White

  • WIRELESS CHARGER – special order on request


Regular shape

XL – size approx 400 x 350 mm, hight from 550 to 600 mm – 1200 EUR

L – size approx 300 x 300 mm, hight from 450 to 520 mm – 950 EUR

M – size approx 250 x 280mm, hight from 400 to 450 mm – 750 EUR

S – size approx 200 x 250 mm, hight from 300 to 350 mm – 500 EUR

Irregular shape

Special – unique shape– “stoolek in stock”


8 – 12 weeks. Worldwide delivery.


We can provide one-off bespoke pieces. Please contact us for further information.


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