„Shining dining tables“ – Who’d have thought it?


„Shining dining tables“ – Who’d have thought it?

From quote of Arthur. C. Clarke  – “The only way to get beyond what is possible is to dive into the impossible.”

The last days and weeks of 2019, we were very active, our last Christmas and entering the New Year 2020 meant for us at hard work in our atelier.

We finished photos of the product “Stoolky”, by the way the first wooden logs fitted with LED technology with an emphasis on surface treatment doing something impossible. Now, from the comfort of your favourite chair, you can smart “Stoolek” turn ON/OFF, reduce and increase the light intensity, or simply enjoy a range of lighting colours. It’s in credible.  Brushed surface, each natural defect conserved and filled with resin, together form a simply maintained surface while preservation a unique design.

This year we want to surprise the market and we approach the introduction of the remaining products “Shining dining tables”, which we have been finished in recent years before, both with success and many unsuccessful attempts to finalized the product in the technology phase, the connection of previously unused materials have tried.

We have been working on an art / design exclusive initial collection of “shining dining tables “EDGE” and version „EOS“ as the top model of our production. Dining table “EDGE” will present our exclusive solid wooden table made form whole two trunks with LED technology and resin, are real eye catchers.

The design focuses on the advantages of solid wood. It works with subtlety and beauty of raw material. Soft morphology reveals a pleasant play of lights and shadows. Round shapes and lightened edges create subtle light transitions. The glass base ensures maximum stability and demonstrates the wooden table in an unexpected position. Table “EDGE” is solitary to artistic pieces that are not afraid to show the raw beauty of wood. They are available in many variants that combine other materials.

For Dining table “EOS” designed by Stool is excusive ingenious sandwich construction of table with made of oak veneer, using sustainable wood and mediums, illuminated from all sides using LED technology is really unique, unrivalled, Czech interior design creative and combinations art and future function, new look and playing with the concepts of “yin-yang”, geometry and illusion light and darkness.  

 These tables brings “FUTURE DESIGN” to your home.

“We often design products for which there are no technological processes. We are not afraid to develop them ourselves,” says my brother Jiří. 

We’re look forward to new challenges and to us – our satisfied customers.

Martin & Jiří Jaroš

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